Formax® Safety

Elevated articulation and durable in extreme conditions.

We rely on our dummies to make specialist design testing equipment developed for reaction testing fire-retardant clothing, for wind tunnel and rain chamber testing, or for testing waterproof protective apparel. Specific compartments can be created for installing sensors or equipment.

Manichini cad modelling

Available in male, female and child versions.

Manichini cad modelling

The articulated joints can be customised to suit your tests’ specific movements and positions.

Manichini cad modelling

Sensors, equipment and control units can be placed on top, or within the designated compartments.

Manichini cad modelling

The Active and Super Active versions are highly articulated with accurate weight distribution to recreate human movements.

Manichini cad modelling

Available with specialist waterproof and rustproof joints for conducting tests with water.

Formax® flame-retardant is made with specialist materials in conformance with UNI EN ISO14360, UNI EN ISO14116 and UNI EN ISO11612 standards. It doesn’t melt or shrink.

Manichini cad modelling

Our mannequins are carefully handmade allowing them to be customised in each element and size.

Choose or customise your mannequin's mount. You can customise the stand or mount type for the mannequin you've ordered.

See the mannequins in real size with AR

Click the button below to see a selection of mannequins in augmented reality. Look at them from all angles to check out their shapes and proportions.

Formax® Man FX4