“To make clothes, you need to have a perfect understanding of the subjects who are going to wear them”
Silvio Quattrocolo

Cad Modelling Company

A Made in Italy design and technology story

CAD Modelling is well-established in industrial modelling and has becoming a leading company in modelling techniques and quality control within the textile and clothing industry by developing anthropometric Formax® fit mannequins, an innovative evolution of tailoring mannequins. This paved the way for user-friendly pattern grading and collection design with results guaranteed to fully satisfy clients and consumers.


The company's founding year as an industrial modelling studio: tradition and innovation


A range of fit mannequins based on realistic human anatomy (Theory of Body Shape).


The companies across the globe that rely on Formax® for the safety and fit of their productions.

CadModelling: Tradition, research and innovation.

Theory of Body Shape

Developed by Silvio Quattrocolo, the theory set out key body shapes, 6 for men and 9 for women, which have been expanded and updated over time and we now base our fit mannequins on.

Our Mission

We help companies improve their performance by offering high-tech products and services, streamlining work for designers and those in the ergonomics sector.

Formax® Fit Mannequins

Formax® anthropometric fit mannequins are all customisable and guarantee the highest standards of fit, comfort and safety, reducing time-to-market and production costs.

Realistic human anatomy

We were the first company in the industry to discard the concept of sizes in favour of body shape and morphological families based on realistic human anatomy.

In step with new needs

We’re committed to finding solutions that live up to current industry demands through ongoing discussions with clients and training institutes.

3D Editing

We use the latest 3D technology and international sizing databases to create anthropometric Formax® fit mannequins in the most accurate way possible.

See the fit mannequin in real size with AR

Explore a selection of 3D models of fit mannequins. Look at them from all angles to check out their shapes and proportions. Click the AR button to see them in augmented reality with your phone.

Formax® Woman
Body Shape n°7

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