Soft Formax® Apparel Fit Mannequin

As soft as a real person, this is a key piece of equipment for making underwear and bathing suits with the right fit and volume.

Cutting edge solutions for the clothing and textile industry

Available in soft silicon and hard fiberglass body
Designed for pattern grading and adjusting garment flaws.
Compatible with 5 different interchangeable cup sizes.

Avoid any mistakes during collection development

By simply using soft Formax®, you can design your underwear and swimwear clothing collections based upon international averages made on thorough anthropometric research!

Based on realistic shapes to improve your production

The realistic shapes helps designer during collection development, fitting tests and quality control. It reduces pattern grading time and production costs. Order them “made to measure” according to your standard sample size.

Soft Formax silicone

Soft formax Fit mannquin. Body shape num 7 in silicone total body. Hard bust available in 3 different body shapes : 10, 7 and 5. All of them with 5 interchangable cup sizes.

Soft Formax Desktop version

Desktop version available in all 3 different body shapes.

Removable chest

Removable chest with 5 interchangeable cup sizes.

Soft fit dummy made

This soft fit dummy made with silicone material allows you to pin on the body. The material is washable and behaves like real flesh.

Available for uderwear and beachwear

The Formax® Man Lingerie solution is available for underwear and beachwear.

We work alongside you, meeting your every need and monitoring each phase of customization.

Arms and legs full mannequin
Available upon request

Add arms and legs to your bust to make a full fit mannequin.

Starting from the Theory of Body Shape© developed by Silvio Quattrocolo, the company’s founder, we work with reliable Morphological Families that are in constant update.

Fit mannequins carefully handmade

Our fit mannequins are carefully handmade allowing them to be customized in each element and size.

Choose or customize your trolley. All our fit mannequins may have different support positions.

See the fit mannequin in real size with AR

Explore a selection of 3D models of fit mannequins. Look at them from all angles to check out their shapes and proportions. Click the AR button to see them in augmented reality with your phone.

Soft Formax®
Body Shape n°7 Breast S

Brunello Cucinelli
Dansk Supermarked Group
El Corte Jungles
Marina Rinaldi
Noa Noa
Nu Nu Nu
Tuc Tuc
Young Versace