Formax® Ergonomics Solution

Cad Modelling Ergonomic Cad Modelling Ergonomic

An anthropometric dummy especially created to perform ergonomic tests and technical verification

The ideal instrument for the design of strollers, car seats prams and puericolture tools.

Developed for design, safety and ergonomics tests

This range of child dummies is designed for testing car seats, prams, strollers, toys and even cockpits. Reproducing movements and postures you may simulate different scenarios during product development.

baby body shapes

Active Formax reppresenting the correct morfology height and weight of the following International car seats groups:

  • Group 0+ (0 - 13 Kg)

  • Group 1 (9 - 18 Kg)

  • Group 2 (15 - 25 Kg)

  • Group 3 (22 - 35 Kg)

articulated head joint

It’s the only Formax® with an articulated head joint.

Active and Super Active

The Active and Super Active versions are highly articulated in order to simulate human movements. Also available with real distributed weight.

baby body shapes

The articulated joints can be customized to suit your tests’ specific movements and positions.

Waterproof and rustproof joints

Available with special waterproof and rustproof joints for conducting tests with water.

Adult body shapes

Active Formax available in all different adult body shapes both male and female version.

Thanks to their correct weight distribution these dummies achive the most performing design, innovation and safety following the latest EN-ISO norms.

Cad Modelling
Fit mannequins carefully handmade

Our fit mannequins are carefully handmade allowing them to be customized in each element and size.

Choose or customize your trolley. All our fit mannequins may have different support positions.

Choose a fit mannequin and ask us for its Formax® 3D Virtual avatar. You can plan your design with simulations conducted on your own PC.

Virtual Formax

See the fit mannequin in real size with AR

Explore a selection of 3D models of fit mannequins. Look at them from all angles to check out their shapes and proportions. Click the AR button to see them in augmented reality with your phone.

Formax® Kid
130 cm. Jointed Hip