An anatomically correct head. With an array of 15 circumferences its standardised facial proportions and sizes, it's indispensable when it comes to assessing technical and aesthetic headgear and testing neckline transitions. Custom-made versions are also available.

Cutting edge solutions for the clothing and textile industry.

Fully customisable in size, shape and volume.
Designed for pattern grading and adjusting garment flaws.
Key for creating headgear.

Eliminate your design phase margin of error.

By simply using Formhead®, you can design your apparel collection using international averages based on thorough anthropometric research!

Realistic models you can rely on.

The multitude of realistic Formhead® shapes help designers develop apparel collection prototypes and perform tests, quality control and fittings. It improves production by reducing time spent on the headgear design phase.

Manichini cad modelling

Available in 15 different head circumferences with facial features ranging from baby to teen.

Manichini cad modelling

Using the Formax® 3D Virtual model, you can conduct ergonomic simulations from your own PC.

We work alongside you, meeting your every need and monitoring each phase to avoid any fitting or testing issues.

Manichini cad modelling

Our mannequins are carefully handmade allowing them to be customised in each element and size.

Using the Theory of Body Shape© developed by Silvio Quattrocolo, the company’s founder, we work with reliable Morphological Families that are continuously updated.

See the mannequins in real size with AR

Click the button below to see a selection of mannequins in augmented reality. Look at them from all angles to check out their shapes and proportions.

Formax® Man FX4

Manichini cad modelling Manichini cad modelling